Antagonize – Slip Death LP (Triple B Records)


Tireless Aaron Bedard is back with a Slip Death, a brand new album by his band Antagonize! After countless worldwide tours and tons of great albums with Bane, the band has decided to call it quits. One of the many reasons was Aarons inability to tour like he used to tour before, but that hasn’s stopped him to work with Antagonize. Slip Death delivers sheer energy comprised of countless similarities with his previous band, but Antagonize is less melodic and more focused on pure aggression of Boston hardcore music. That means slower, but shorter tunes, a lot more mosh parts, great riffs, and much more aggressive vocals. To be fair, Antagonize are putting Boston hardcore back on the map with tracks such as Nowhere To Hide, Transona Six, El Toro, Work Horse, Both Hands Tight, Hope Dies Last, Land Of Dreams & Dust To Dust. To put it simply, Antagonize possesses all the great elements of hardcore, punk rock, and metal music, packed in tunes which last less than two minutes each. Slip Death is a demonstration of power through intelligent lyric writing, brilliant composing, aggressive approach to a classic underground genre, great arrangements and perfect performance of every single musician involved in Antagonize. Slip Death is accompanied by great landscape artwork depicturing a village in the mountains invaded by the pack of the wolves. The artwork is done in a pointillist style, kinda uncharacteristic for this particular genre, but it’s yet effective. Slip Death comes as a vinyl record and it has been published by Triple B Records from Boston, Massachusets, so pick one up for yourself if you’re truly a fan of Boston hardcore scene.

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