St. Judes – Black Gold EP


St. Judes is four-piece skate punk band from Adelaide, Australia, and Black Gold is their brand new EP release. The band so far managed to publish an official demo recording and a Seizure The Moment EP, so make sure to check out those recordings on their Bandcamp page as well. To be clear, St. Judes is not quite an ordinary skate punk rock band you can stumble upon every single day on various streaming services. The foundations of their sound are also related to some country and blues music, they put a lot more soul into their tunes, unlike some generic skate punk bands. This is a new thing for me since I never experienced such a fine blend of energetic skate punk music mixed up with fundamentals of blues and cheerfulness of a classic American country scene. The band is not stopping there, so perhaps it would be foolish to say they’re implementing even some more musical genres into their music as well and you can notice resemblance with some indie rock, Irish folk or Americana music, but all in small doses so you can still focus on their skate punk background. Black Gold sounds refreshing, cheerful, soulful, so I guess these fine lads nailed with their blend of some distinctive music genres, totally uncharacteristic for a skate punk scene. Black Gold possesses five tunes such as album titled Black Gold, Snowy River, Pigs, Junk Food and Skate Or Die, all different in their style and arrangements, but unified with some quality production, so grab this CD directly from the band and pick up your favorite tunes.

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