Our Lady Of Flowers – Holiday In Thule CD (Silentes Records)


Our Lady Of Flowers is a collective comprised of five sound artists, five different masterminds, five different approaches to the exact theme and experimental genre. Each one of them delivers a special flavor to Holiday In Thule, their latest collaboration which is already sold out. You can imagine how good this material is since they’ve managed to sell out all the vinyl records and compact discs in a matter of a couple of months. Our Lady Of Flower consists of Rod Modell (sampling/editing), Kevin Dunham (electronics), Jeri Frantz (keyboards), Erinn Pegan (vocals), Jay Buckets (guitars) and Warren Doss (guitars), who took their time off and put their initial projects on hold to record this masterpiece. Collaborations like this one need some time and whoever tried to be part of some collaboration simply knows it’s a slow-motion operation, it takes a lot of agreements and disagreements, recording, producing, mastering, sound editing, sound sharing between involved artists, hours of waiting…etc, so the artists can finally settle down, sum up everything and call it a finished product. Holiday In Thule is a summary of vibrant and warm ambient sounds, with dozen of various sound structures, textures, vocals and guitar samples overlayed with tons of various effects. It lacks rhythm, but whoever needs some rhythm when the sounds are so damn good. This is an avant-garde masterpiece, a giant slab of ambient walls which are almost stagnant, repetitive, but with tons of small movements implemented somewhere in the middle and at the very backgrounds or the recording. It demands full attention, so you can experience it in a proper way. To put it simply, Holiday In Thule is enhancing emotions, sounds are traveling through the ears and they act like a portion of food for your thoughts. Beside a sonic treatment, there’s also a visual beauty of the Holiday In Thule since Rod Modell took some brilliant photos of different locations at Lake Huron, Michigan, home of the members of Our Lady Of Flowers. This brilliant record is packed in a beautiful booklet with photos being almost only pieces of info you need to understand the beauty of this masterpiece. Holiday In Thule has been published as vinyl and compact disc by the Silentes Records from Italy, but the label already sold out its copies, so perhaps your best tip is to contact some of the involved artists to grab this amazing record. Also, keep in mind that the CD contains some extra material because of the time limitations of the vinyl.

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