Squiggles – The Recruitment Drive EP


The Squiggles are not an ordinary group of musicians. The Squiggles are band comprised of everyday life superheroes. Superheroes without conventional superpowers, but they certainly have some great abilities to perform their music with a lot of style. According to Squiggles, we are all Squiggles, we are all local heroes in their book. The Recruitment Drive is their latest recording and I truly believe, their debut EP release. To set a record straight, do not be fooled by the handmade packaging of The Recruitment Drive. These girls and boys know what they’re doing and they’re doing that surprisingly well. Bend Becomes Break opens this EP with all the melancholic arpeggios, performed in some 80s new wave or perhaps post-punk manner. The blistering energy of the Squiggles is shown right at the start and the right amount of melodies are a perfect introduction for the next couple of songs. Everything I Did Is Just Like Everything I’ve Done is coming up next and despite the fact the titles are reminiscent of something perhaps Morrissey would write up back in the golden era of The Smiths, this tune is not even near. Slightly slower, but still with a lot of melodies, Squiggles are showing off the other, much modern approach to the chord progressions. Accompanied with some pleasant ambiance, We’ve Got Everything You Need is much more is right in your face punk rock tune with kinda The Clash vibe, especially if we’re speaking about the guitar works. It’s a short one, but a sweet one. The next one is slightly darker in a mood, but perhaps one of the best tunes of The Recruitment Drive EP. It’s following up that 80s kinda mood the Squiggles are desperately exploiting, but I must say they kinda succeeded in their aim to recreate the sound of that era. The last one on this material is another banger, a great closing tune called Do You Wanna Join? and it’s a perfect track to end up this brilliant debut EP by Squiggles because it possesses all the elements of their sound and with a beautiful repetitive verse like this, it’s kinda anthemic and it forces you to put this CD on a repeat. Looking back at all the tunes, The Recruitment Drive EP is a very good debut EP which is a well-produced and arranged, considering that the band recorded everything living rooms, bedrooms and practice rooms all around the Glasgow. Plus the handmade packaging is a special bonus and it looks good, it fits the band like the Squiggles and it will look unique at in your CD collection. The Recruitment Drive EP is available at the Squiggles Bandcamp page but act fast since these are made in limited edition.

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