The White Mega Giant - TWMG LP - Shyrec

The White Mega Giant – TWMG LP (Shyrec)

The White Mega Giant - TWMG LP - Shyrec

We have more post-rock music for your listening pleasure, and today’s pick is one of the older releases from Shyrec‘s exceptional catalog. Of course, you already know that Shyrec is an Italian record label specializing in post-punk, punk rock, garage rock, post-rock, alternative, indie, and all other fine music genres. You should consider visiting their Bandcamp page or an official website if you’re looking for some excellent music because every band on their roster offers impressive work. That’s the case with The White Mega Giant and their tremendous full-length effort called TWMG, released by Shyrec in 2014. The band has also released Antimacchina, an equally good extended play carrying five profoundly detailed compositions. Both works are a great introduction to the sound of The White Mega Giant, but as I said before, I will talk about their TWMG LP today.

TWMG consists of eight profoundly complex post-rock compositions suitable for even the pickiest listeners. The trio explores the vast universe of ear-appealing sounds by delving deep into the post-rock fundamentals, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other music genres along the way. You’ll notice some of the finest properties borrowed from complementary styles such as post-metal, experimental rock, art rock, indie rock, cinematic, and ambient. Still, you’ll hear how The White Mega Giant occasionally go even further with their experimentations, so these music genres are not the only ones you’ll meet on this luxurious post-rock journey. Of course, there are many solo artists and bands on the contemporary post-rock scene, but for some reason, The White Mega Giant stands out from the crowd. Their music resonates with a fresh and unique ambiance rarely seen or heard in the music world nowadays, and each track provides many listening pleasures worth spinning over again.

These folks know how to write, compose and produce their music. As soon as you put a needle on this fine piece of plastic, The White Mega Giant shine with a perfectly structured compositions that usually carry many complex segments. Each number acts as a comprehensive collection built upon mesmerizing soundscapes, themes, leads, melodies, harmonies, cleverly arranged basslines, and flawlessly performed rhythmic sequences. Besides all these qualities, The White Mega Giant constructed their tracks with many calm, soothing, relaxing ambiances that gradually transit into much heavier but equally ear-appealing post-rock maneuvers. TWMG is almost entirely instrumental, but the band also included some vocal harmonies on the particular songs, which serve as another layer of melodies and harmonies. These additions give more detail to an already complex album, and it’s a wise move that will grab the attention of those listeners who get used to music with more vocal parts. Give this album a chance, and you’ll love The White Mega Giant with all your heart. Head to Shyrec for more information about ordering.





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