Karma Voyage - Lights In The Forgotten Places LP - Shyrec

Karma Voyage – Lights In The Forgotten Places LP (Shyrec)

Karma Voyage - Lights In The Forgotten Places LP - Shyrec

We have a couple more Shyrec records we think you should check out as soon as possible. The first one I will be talking about today is one of the recent releases by this prolific Italian label that unquestionably deserves your attention. You probably already heard of Karma Voyage, an excellent Italian post-rock band from Venice. The band previously unleashed a five-track self-titled extended play release and a couple of standalone single singles, such as All Tomorrow’s Parties and Shine. All these works are highly recommendable to anyone even remotely into magnificent post-rock sound because Karma Voyage aren’t joking around with their music at all. Quite the contrary, they’re paying so much attention to the songwriting, composing, producing, and sound quality that you’ll gladly spin their works over again. However, it seems that nothing matches Lights In The Forgotten Places, their debut full-length album published this year by Shyrec.

Lights In The Forgotten Places is a fine piece of sonic artistry separated into nine profoundly complex post-rock songs. Still, their music embraces so many complementary music genres that you’ll need to thoroughly pay attention while listening, so you could grasp everything these folks incorporated into their mesmerizing songs. Perhaps Lights In The Forgotten Places delves deep into the fundamentals of post-rock, but you’ll notice some other elements borrowed from genres like shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, psych-pop, post-punk, goth rock, darkwave, alternative, and indie. Maybe some readers will find this comprehensive amalgam of various styles too much to handle but don’t worry. Karma Voyage know what they’re doing, and they’s doing it pretty well.

Lights In The Forgotten Places explores the vast universe of pleasant sounds built upon mesmerizing themes, beautiful leads, echoic chord progressions, and cleverly constructed melodies and harmonies. Every composition comes with an impressive collection of wondrously executed ideas that will undoubtedly indulge your listening apparatus. The band decorated these sonic maneuvers with luxurious amounts of reverb, echo, and delay, so the atmosphere throughout the album resonates with calm, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic tones. Of course, you’ll also notice vividly hearable, warm-sounding, equally detailed low-end tones that bring clarity and density to all those beforementioned orchestrations. Every track included in this magnificent music release contains downtempo, half-time rhythmic sequences empowered by flawlessly accentuated beats, breaks, minimalistic drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics that define some of the best post-rock releases. Also, it’s good to mention that divine lead vocal harmonies carry appropriate dosages of studio reverb for an even more cathartic feel. Karma Voyage paid so much attention to everything, and their effort paid off in an outstanding debut full-length album, which will become one of your favorites in your record collection. Lights In The Forgotten Places comes on standard black vinyl limited to 200 copies, and on white variant limited to 300 copies. Head to Shyrec for more information about ordering.

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