Save Our Ships

Save Our Ships Released New EP “Oice n’a Sloice”

Save Our Ships

Save Our Ships recently released a Oice n’a Slice EP. You can check it out below.

SAVE OUR SHIPS are a powerful 4-piece band, sailing into the pop-punk scene! Taking to the scene in the  UK, Save Our Ships has been smooth sailing all around the country, playing gigs in Newport, Cardiff,  Swansea, and more! Including the amazing Olliefest!  

Commanding the boat we have guitarist/vocalist(James), drinking all the rum is guitarist/vocalist(Alex),  keeping the boat together drummer(Jai), and just about sane Bassist/vocalist(Jazz) all working towards  making some semi-decent music along the way.  

Officially forming in 2021, the band has a wide variety of originals with the newest release ‘Oice n’a  Sloice’ available now on all streaming platforms. In April 2023, they signed to Affiant Records and are  looking forward to future releases!





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