Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Deniers Of The Fuzz Will Be Executed 7" - Subunderground Control Authority

Ford’s Fuzz Inferno – Deniers Of The Fuzz Will Be Executed 7″ (Subunderground Control Authority)

Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Deniers Of The Fuzz Will Be Executed 7" - Subunderground Control Authority

After writing about Death To The Fuzz Family, Fuzz The Universe, and Flog Your Self With Fuzz, it’s time to finish this batch of records with Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed, an extended play by premium Dutch punk rock duo Ford’s Fuzz Inferno. Like the remainder of their exceptional discography, the band released Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed on a 7″ record. This particular one immediately throws you back into 2021, when Hans F. Ford (lead vocal, guitar, and songwriting) and Patrick Delabie (drums, back vocal, engineering, production, and mastering) decided to form this band. Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed serves as a perfect introductory piece of a series of excellent 7″ records you need to check out as soon as possible.

This particular record probably sounds the most polished in their discography, but it still carries an unavoidable dosage of rawness, abrasiveness, dirtiness, and fuzziness. They achieved this caustic ambiance by implementing layers of distortion over catchy chord progressions, energetic riffs, and other guitar maneuvers. However, it seems that the bass guitar also delivers a decent amount of crunchiness through equally good low-end tones. Ford’s Fuzz Inferno probably incorporated a bass or regular guitar distortion pedal over these basslines, but they preserved the massiveness and heaviness that this low-end instrument carries along the way. The rhythmic sequences are ferocious and energetic as they could be when it comes to hardcore punk music, and nothing could sound so profoundly dynamic without this particular instrument. You’ll also enjoy some powerful, melodic, and clean-sounding shouts delivered by Hans F. Ford. His vocal abilities perfectly match the sheer dirtiness of this material.

Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed is more straightforward hardcore punk material than the remainder of their discography. It seems like they excluded post-hardcore, proto-grunge, grunge, and indie from this sonic equation. Their music sounds perfect without these elements, and Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed probably leans toward Dutch hardcore music more than any other EP. Still, you’ll notice some DC hardcore a la Minor Threat or British punk rock a la UK Subs along the way. Ford Fuzz’s Inferno pretty much handles any style, and somehow every subgenre of punk rock works to the advantage of their sound. These guys know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. Head to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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