Jack Adamant - Obscure Places & Cupboards

Jack Adamant – Obscure Places & Cupboards

Jack Adamant - Obscure Places & Cupboards

Are you tired of searching for some perfect indie rock music? No worries, we got you covered with this one! There’s no way you’ll find a better contemporary indie album than this one. Jack Adamant was kind enough to provide us with a CD version of his latest full-length release called Obscure Places & Cupboards. Those unfamiliar with this highly creative artist should immediately check out his website or streaming platforms because Jack Adamant is one of those singer-songwriters, authors, and multi-instrumentalists who deserve your utmost attention. Since 2017, Jack Adamant has released an impressive amount of recordings like Easy To Find, Lunch At 12 Since ’82 CD EP, Unkind, A Gap In The Sun, Unkind CD, Assoluzione, Carnation / Before You Hold Me, Bonehead’s Bank Holiday / And I, You First, and Obscure Places & Cupboards. Still, I will talk about his latest CD a bit more today.

Obscure Places & Cupboards carries ten exceptional compositions that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of an indie rock sound. However, Jack Adamant explores some other music genres along the way. Many things lurk in these songs, and you’ll hear how many sonic ingredients Adamant incorporated to achieve a desired sound. Besides the sheer dominance of contemporary indie rock, you’ll notice some of the finest properties of the nineties alternative rock, late eighties power pop, indie punk, and melodic punk rock. Still, that’s not all. Jack Adamant also included some elements of shoegaze and dream pop, but he excluded enormous dosages of reverb, echo, and delay effect. He thought about everything while writing, composing, assembling, and recording these compositions, so despiting many music genres involved, his music sounds well-balanced from scratch to finish.

Jack Adamant doesn’t waste any time with this material. Obscure Places & Cupboards commences with a comprehensive collection built upon energetic compositions that may vary in ambiance. However, these tracks are mainly dynamic enough to keep you motivated, curious, and craving for more. Each upcoming track sounds even better, and that’s the case until the closure. You’ll solely enjoy all the catchy leads, themes, melodies, chord progressions, and riffs decorated with Adamant’s vocal harmonies. The profoundly dynamic rhythm section keeps the remainder of the orchestrations in line but also keeps this material energetic as much as possible. After spinning this CD many times, I can only conclude Jack Adamant recorded an excellent album worth repeating many times. It’s one of those albums you’ll hold close every time you need exceptional indie music. Head to Jack Adamant’s Bandcamp page for more information about ordering this gem.





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