The Bellwethers - Schizophrenic Zen

The Bellwethers – Schizophrenic Zen

The Bellwethers - Schizophrenic Zen

Today, we have some proper hard rock music on our pages. In 2018, The Bellwethers released Schizophrenic Zen, a debut full-length including eleven catchy rock compositions. However, I will not talk about the entire album. Quite the contrary, I will solely focus on a title track, which also serves as an introductory piece to this exceptional hard rock release.

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice The Bellwethers aren’t joking with their music. These folks unquestionably know how to deliver an old-school hard rock sound. Still, they explore many other subgenres of rock through their music, and you’ll stumble upon many complementary genres along the way. The Bellwethers incorporated some of the finest properties of southern rock, stoner rock, rock & roll, grunge, and alternative into Schizophrenic Zen, but don’t be surprised if you hear some other elements as well. You’ll also notice how the late sixties and seventies rock scene inspired them to write and compose such an ear-appealing number that will easily end up on your rock playlist.

The Bellwethers

But don’t let that old-school rock ambiance fool you. The Bellwether invested so many exceptional ideas into this track, so you’ll notice some modern sonic maneuvers as well. Therefore, Schizophrenic Zen continuously levitates between retro and contemporary sound. I adore how female and male vocal harmonies perfectly match together in the mix while the dirty, raw, fuzzy riffs shape the ambiance. Both singers sound divine, and you’ll be blown away by their performance. Of course, nothing could sound massive without warm-sounding basslines and moderate rhythmic sequences that keep the remainder of the band in line. Each musician plays a significant role in shaping the sound that will instantly teleport you back to the era when rock music dominated the world. Schizophrenic Zen is available on all streaming platforms.





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