Fuckhead - Dislocate LP - Noise Appeal Records

Fuckhead – Dislocate LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Fuckhead - Dislocate LP - Noise Appeal Records

Here’s the last one from the recent batch of records sent by Noise Appeal Records. Today, I am going to talk about the Dislocation, another full-length release by the Austrian experimental electronic music trio called Fuckhead. Those who checked out yesterday’s post about them probably already know I surprised by their creativity and ability to bend several music genres in order to achieve the desired sound. Bands capable of going that are a rarity nowadays, and I respect all the time, effort, and ideas these folks invested into tremendous project like this one. Fuckhead also paid so much attention to the visual identity, so if you’re into abstract arts and photography, the imagery of the Dislocate will be right up your alley. There’s also bright pink-colored vinyl, so this album sounds and looks incredible.

Dislocation carries seven exceptional compositions suitable for anyone into experimental and avant-garde electronics. Some readers might see this record as an extended play release, but these tracks are longevous enough to fill the entire vinyl. Considering that Dislocation comes two years after the Avoid Nil, these guys improved their sonic maneuvers, invested even more ideas, and implemented many innovations into their already luxurious sound. Therefore, Dislocate shines even brighter compared to its predecessor, but it also seems a bit softer in the ambiance. Still, Fuckhead invested more energetic, dynamic, and aggressive audio acrobatics, so Dislocate is a perfectly balanced album from beginning to end. It’s always nice to see a band that knows how to deal with every possible element without spoiling the ambiance.

Like on Avoid Nil, Fuckhead included the best of both worlds. In this case, they combined some of the ingredients borrowed from mainstream and underground electronics to achieve the desired sound. You’ll notice how Fuckhead assembled dubstep, breakbeat, jungle, drum and bass, and minimal rhythmic sequences and applied them to dark ambient, drone, noise, glitch, and industrial leads, loops, samples, basslines, and other cleverly constructed segments. Dislocation appears to be much darker than its predecessor but also more minimal. However, that doesn’t mean these orchestrations lack some complexity. Quite the contrary, Dislocation is profoundly complex, but the milder atmosphere will force your ears to pay more attention while listening to this exceptional album. You’ll also notice how Fuckead handle all the beforementioned music genres like pros without losing energy and consistency. These guys are probably one of the best experimental groups you’ll stumble upon in recent years, so give Dislocation a listen. The album is available in a Fuckhead vinyl bundle at Noise Appeal Records. Don’t miss it!


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