Niche - Gone In The Blink

Niches – Gone In The Blink

Niche - Gone In The Blink

After releasing singles like Honey Honey and Fireworks in 2020, Festival Song and High Tide in 2021, Brighton-based quartet Niches returns with another ear-appealing composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of alternative rock. Gone In A Blink is their fifth single that serves as an appropriate continuation of their previous works. However, it carries some innovations in terms of songwriting, compositing, and production. Perhaps Niches almost solely rely upon the fundamentals of an alternative rock sound, but you’ll hear how Gone In A Blink resonates with some of the finest properties borrowed from complementary music genres. There are elements of classic rock, indie rock, power pop, and Britpop involved in the mix, but these sonic ingredients serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that define only the best alternative rock songs.


Niches remain loyal to their primary sonic direction by levitating between the contemporary and old-school alternative rock. These creative musicians are doing this style pretty well, and you’ll unquestionably hear everything they tried to incorporate into this track. The song commences with energetic, palm-muted riffs, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate beats. Gone In A Blink becomes even more complex once the powerful lead vocal harmonies kick in, and you’ll be blown away by the vocal performance even more during the choruses. It’s also neat how Niches continuously switch from a calm, soothing, relaxing ambiance into those energetic, heavy,and loud moments. Bands capable of doing that are a rarity nowadays. There’s no doubt that Niches invested so much time and ideas into their latest single, and the effort paid off in a perfect alternative rock song that will easily end up on your playlist. You can check out Gone In A Blink via streaming platforms.





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