Properties Of Nature & Aluxes - Mind Goblin

Properties Of Nature Join Forces With Aluxes On A New Single

Properties Of Nature & Aluxes - Mind Goblin

Utah’s post-hardcore act Properties Of Nature join forces with the progressive alternative band Aluxes to bring you the swancore track you didn’t know you needed. “Mind Goblin” is filled with existential dread packaged in an upbeat groove and soaring vocals:

“’Mind Goblin’ is a song that displays the emotions one might feel when faced with the end of their lives. In the song there isn’t a ‘main character’, instead opting to show the perspective from multiple people to express a full range of emotions in a single song. Overall, we hear the song from multiple lives as a ‘god’ comes to take back what he has given.” – Properties Of Nature

Leveraging technical playing styles with the concepts of constant change, Properties Of Nature is a four piece progressive post-hardcore band based out of St.George, Utah.

Aluxes is a progressive alternative rock band based in Bowling Green, KY. Situated midway between the music hubs of Nashville and Lexington, Aluxes blend elements of “swancore” with multi-member harmonies, funky grooves, and entertaining visuals to create a style completely their own.

Follow Properties Of Nature and stay up to date on upcoming releases HERE.





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