Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Flog Yourself With Fuzz 7" - Subunderground Counter Attacks

Ford’s Fuzz Inferno – Flog Yourself With Fuzz 7″ (Subunderground Counter Attacks)

Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Flog Yourself With Fuzz 7" - Subunderground Counter Attacks

We have some more Dutch punk rock on our pages this week. If you paid close attention to my writings last week, then you probably stumbled upon Ford’s Fuzz Inferno, an excellent punk rock duo from Kekerdom, Netherlands. I wrote a couple of reviews about Death To The Fuzz Family and Fuzz The Universe, two of their latest extended play releases. Of course, the duo recorded some more recordings, so I am delving deep into their discography today to review Flog Yourself With Fuzz, their second EP released in January last year. This particular EP carries four compositions, which is almost a routine for these guys. As usual, it is a perfect amount of trackS, considering this is an extended play release.

Flog Yourself With Fuzz will be right up your alley if you spent some time listening to eighties punk rock, post-hardcore, hardcore punk, proto-grunge, grunge, and indie. Think of those bands who embraced a colossal wall of abrasive guitar sound achieved by so many distortion and fuzz pedals. Then blend it with beautiful melodies and harmonies. That’s what Ford’s Fuzz Inferno is all about. You’ll hear how Ford’s Fuzz Inferno remained loyal to their Dutch hardcore punk roots. However, there are also elements of Minessota post-hardcore, grunge, indie, and even DC revolution summer elements along the way. As soon as you put a needle on these 7″ record, you’ll realize these guys know what they’re doing.

And the best part about Flog Yourself With Fuzz is that everything sounds so balanced. Of course, hardcore punk and punk rock remain as their primary sonic weapons of choice, but there is more things going on during the entire material. They do not hesitate to use the arsenal built upon their undeniably inexhaustible knowledge of underground music. Therefore, you’ll hear how these folks combined raw riffs with some themes, melodies, and harmonies without losing that hardcore punk ferociousness we all adore. On the other hand, energetic basslines and rhythmic sequences keep the remainder of the orchestrations in line with so much precision and dynamics. These guys do not hesitate to speed up or slow down anytime they feel it’s an appropriate moment for it. Perhaps they change moods depending on the current song, but they keep the sheer energy, stability, and confidence all the time without losing consistency. Flog Yourself With Fuzz is a must if you want to hear some eighties Dutch hardcore punk and punk rock adapted for modern times. The 7″ is available on their Bandcamp page.





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