Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Fuzz The Universe 7" EP - Subunderground Cosmic Adjustments

Ford’s Fuzz Inferno – Fuzz The Universe 7″ EP (Subunderground Cosmic Adjustments)

Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Fuzz The Universe 7" EP - Subunderground Cosmic Adjustments

Yesterday, you had a chance to read a couple of lines about Ford’s Fuzz Inferno, an excellent punk rock duo from Kekerdom, Netherlands. These folks know how to combine many subgenres that perfectly match together. Therefore, Death To The Fuzz Family, their fourth EP I reviewed yesterday, sounds superb from scratch to finish. But what about their other recordings? Thankfully, Ford’s Fuzz Inferno sent their older recordings for review, and I will talk about Fuzz The Universe today. Like all their recordings, the duo pressed four tracks on a 7″ record, making The Book Of Fuzz – Selected Verses (Part 1) the only exception on CD format. Also, there are some rumors these guys are preparing their upcoming fifth 7″ record, so it’s always good to keep your eyes on their Bandcamp page.

This 7″ record consists of tracks like Busy Day, No Solution, Who Is How Part I, and Who Is How Part II. Honestly, I can’t pick up my favorite song from this release because each one sounds good on its terms. If you’re catching up with Ford’s Fuzz Inferno activities for the first time, Fuzz The Universe might sound raw, abrasive, and dirty to your listening apparatus. However, this material is less fuzzy than their fourth EP, Death To The Fuzz Family. Of course, this detail will appeal to you or not, depending on how much you love noisy recordings. I find both of these records equally good, and that detail doesn’t affect their creativity, ideas, energy, and ambiance of this record. Soundwise, Ford’s Fuzz Inferno explores several subgenres of punk rock like proto-grunge, post hardcore and hardcore. There are also some elements of classic grunge and eighties indie rock. Still, it seems that their music resonates with straightforward punk rock the most.

It’s pretty impressive how these guys recorded the entire material by themselves. Considering Ford’s Fuzz Inferno is a duo, their compositions sound more like they were performed and recorded them as a quartet or quintet. The power chords, riffs, and standard chord progressions sound so rich, luxurious, powerful, and heavy. On the other hand, the rhythm section contributes even more aggression and power in the mix, so maybe Ford’s Fuzz Inferno is a melodic band, but they have enough ferocity to brag with along the way. Also, this material would be a perfect choice for those listeners into eighties and nineties punk rock scene. These musicians totally explore those aesthetics, and you’ll hear in their ideas and musicianship how those DIY scenes inspired them to write and compose such an epic EP. Fuzz The Universe is available on their Bandcamp page.





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