Like Elephants - Home 7"EP - Noise Appeal Records

Like Elephants – Home 7″EP (Noise Appeal Records)

Like Elephants - Home 7"EP - Noise Appeal Records

Today, we’re launching ourselves back into 2015, in times when Noise Appeal Records released this gem. As far as I am informed, Home is a debut EP by Like Elephants, an Austrian dream pop band. Of course, the band still releases music, and this particular EP is just one in their impressive discography. After Home EP, Like Elephants also released full-lengths such as Oneironaut, Kaleidoscope, and Better Days. There are many singles and extended plays like Between Dreams And Truth, Video Game, Askja, Coastal Drive, Saltwater, Deepsea Diver, and Lighthouse. As you can see, Like Elephants keep themselves occupied by continuously launching new recordings, but I will stick to the Home EP this time.

Home EP consists of four excellent compositions that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of dream pop, indie pop, indie rock, and shoegaze. The one thing that makes Like Elephant even more appealing to the listening apparatus is their ability to skillfully merge all these music genres into a colossal slab of pleasant vocal harmonies, catchy chord progressions, vividly hearable basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences. Also, you’ll immediately notice they’re not spoiling their sonic maneuvers by incorporating too much studio reverb, echo, and delay into their songs. Sure, these crucial effects for dream pop and shoegaze music are present in the mix, but Like Elephants moderately implement them without ruining all the instrumentations. Therefore, Home EP is perfectly balanced material that will suit even those listeners who’re not fans of mentioned music genres.

It’s also interesting how this particular material resonates with all the finest properties of dream pop and shoegaze, but it could also pass as indie rock, alternative, or post-punk material. Besides all the sonic acrobatics and movements that meet all the trends in contemporary indie sound, you’ll notice a subtle touch of the late eighties to late nineties music scene. These guys incorporated many catchy chord progressions that define every verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. Each composition comes with perfectly assembled harmonies that will instantly become one of your favorites. Of course, these chord progressions, melodies, and ambiances wouldn’t sound so ear-appealing without a very precise rhythm section consisting of warm-sounding low-end tones and moderate rhythmic sequences. Like Elephants also paid attention to all the lead vocal harmonies, back vocals, and singalongs, which in this case, play significant roles in shaping such a pleasant, cathartic sound. There are many other reasons why you should check out these guys, and Home EP is such a great overture into their impressive discography. Head to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering the Like Elephants vinyl bundle.





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