Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat - Like A Fire Engine

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Like A Fire Engine

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat - Like A Fire Engine

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat keep their activities prolific as much as possible. Since 2022, this Boston-based post-punk duo has released Blunt Instrumentals EP, a full-length album called Sudden Return Of DOMIATH, and a series of singles like Unfamiliar Streets, All Time Is Borrowed Time, Cold Hard Dirt, Eggshell Minefield, Opposite Poles, and The Destination. It’s nearly mindblowing how they managed to record all of these in just several years, and the quality of the recording is even more surprising. Every piece of their work sounds top-notch.

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat

That’s the case with Like A Fire Engine, their first single in 2023. If you looked out for a perfect modern post-punk track, this might be the one you’re looking for. Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat fully stacked their exceptional composition with everything you ever needed from this particular genre. However, as usually is the case, more elements are lurking in the mix, so Like A Fire Engine will appeal to your listening apparatus even if you’re not a fan of post-punk music. Perhaps Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat incorporated the fundamentals of this genre, but you’ll also hear some of the finest properties of art rock, funk, indie, and psychedelic rock. Some readers might think it’s too much, but trust me, this creative duo thought about everything while assembling this track.

Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat

Like A Fire Engine has wild energy achieved by profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences, equally detailed warm-sounding basslines, and heavily distorted, high-pitched, funky chord progressions. Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat has also used an introductory segment as a chorus, while the verse bursts with straightforward post-punk melodies, riffs, and beats. Each part of this ear-appealing song bursts with exceptional, jaw-dropping ideas and musicianship, but there’s another segment where Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat becomes even more progressive. It’s also interesting how Like A Fire Engine levitates between the eighties and nineties sound but also carries some contemporary sonic maneuvers. It’s one of those tracks that will appeal to you no matter which era of post-punk sound you prefer. Like A Fire Engine is available on all streaming platforms.





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