Fret Rattles - Live At The Hook And Ladder MCD

Fret Rattles – Live At The Hook And Ladder MCD

We had a chance to experience Fret Rattles’ studio works, but how this band sounds live? Thankfully, these folks sent out their live album in the latest batch of records, so now is more than adequate time to share my thoughts. Before I delve deep into this release, it’s good to mention that Fret Rattles previously recorded exceptional full-lengths like The First One, Pedal To The Metal And Damn The Consequences, Are You Ready? 7″, a couple of singles like Can’t Find It and Thanks for Nothing, and also appeared on various artists’ samples like Rock N’ Roll Manifesto Series Vol. 1 and A Fistful Of Rock & Roll Vol. 2.

Live At The Hook And Ladder consists of an audio CD and a DVD containing multi-camera video footage with professionally recorded sound. Fret Rattles performed seven songs, mainly from Pedal To The Metal And Damn The Consequences, and Are You Ready? 7″. There are also a couple of cover songs, Lonely For You Baby by Sam Dees and Kick Out The Jams by MC5. For those who missed my previous writings about this band, Fret Rattles play action rock that immediately penetrates your listening apparatus. It’s a fast, catchy, energetic rock’n’roll that was heavily popular back in the late sixties and all the way to the mid seventies. Luckily, bands like Fret Rattles perform these true sounds of rock ‘n’ roll today, far away from overly ambient, progressive, psychedelic stuff that was so popular during the seventies and eighties.

Still, their music is also far away from overly plain and simple. They found a middle ground where each shout, riff, and beat resonates with so much power. Therefore, if you’re into layers of thick, crunchy, heavily distorted chord progressions, classic rock ‘n’ roll themes, pentatonic scales, warm-sounding basslines, and fast rhythmic sequences, this live album will be a perfect choice for you. The thing I adore about Fret Rattles is their dirty, fuzzy, garage sound decorated with powerful vocal harmonies, singalongs, and continuous splashing over the cymbals. Each ingredient plays a significant role in shaping the recognizable action rock sound that Fret Rattles nurtures from day one.This CD perfectly demonstrates the brilliance and power of their live performances. You can grab this double CD directly from the Fret Rattles Bandcamp page. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.






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