Boxteles - Harry & Bruce

Boxteles – Harry & Bruce

Boxteles - Harry & Bruce
Design by Ludia Stahlschmidt

After a series of singles launched in 2019 and Break-Ups, Bevs & Thinking Ahead EP, Huddersfield-based quartet Boxteles released another exceptional composition that will appeal to all the fans of alternative rock music. Harry & Bruce is a proper continuation of Relevant, a track that this excellent band released last year, but it also carries some innovations. Their latest fine piece of sonic artistry burst with brilliant ideas, flawless musicianship, clarity, and sound that meets all the trends of contemporary music production. It’s one of those songs that immediately gets into your listening apparatus and refuses to get out because of the catchiness of each segment these creative musicians invested into it.

Photo by Ami Barwell

Perhaps Harry & Bruce burst with sheer dominance of alternative rock, but there are some other subgenres lurking around. They incorporated the finest properties of synth rock, indie rock, and hard rock while listening to this song. However, these ingredients serve as enhancements, accentuations, and other decorations that define some of the best contemporary alternative tracks. The dualities between moderately distorted leads and powerful riffs are one of the heaviest weapons in Boxteles‘ arsenal. You’ll also notice how exceptional vocal harmonies, back vocals, and singalongs play significant roles in shaping the ambiance, while the rhythm section consisting of warm-sounding basslines and energetic drumming is responsible for even more heaviness and dynamics. Boxteles are not joking around with their music, and this thoughtfully assembled alternative masterpiece is more than rock-solid proof of it. Harry & Bruce is available on all streaming platforms.






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