Premiere: Abermals Drop Video For “Amadeus”


We’re thrilled to premiere the Abermals’ new video for Amadeus, taken from the new album ‘Reasons To Travel’ released jointly by Engineer Records (UK), Sell The Heart Records (USA), Memento Records (Germany) & Runaway Records (Spain) on CD and LP.

It started with a simple guitar riff. Alberto and Enrique crafted it into a powerhouse song, adding the dubby middle eight that’s so much fun to play live.

The lyrics contain the album title ‘Reasons to travel’ and, like much of the album, were inspired by work-related trips, impressions and thoughts gathered in strange and familiar towns.

It’s about the shifting of perspectives that the sometimes slow, sometimes light speed passing of time brings about, even though the places stay the same.

Recorded and mixed between November 2021 and May 22 at our practice space in Es Gremi and Chris’ bedroom, Mallorca, Spain. Mastered by Tom Nunes. Music written by Abermals, all lyrics written by Chris Späth.

Abermals are: Alberto Abad: drums. Enrique Alarcón: bass. Chris Späth: guitar and vocals, engineering and mix.

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