Endless, Nameless

Endless, Nameless Released The Video For “Remembrance”

Denver mathcore powerhouse Endless, Nameless faces the complexities of trauma on new single “Remembrance”; official music video streaming now

“Remembrance” appears on the Denver band’s upcoming new album, Living Without, coming March 24th on Silent Pendulum Records.

Endless, Nameless delivers a mix of sculpted discordance and the rawest emotions, occupying a space where post-hardcore, grindcore, and prog intersect. On Living Without, the follow-up to 2018’s debut EP, Counterparts, the band spins a web of dizzying drums and knotty guitars, with vocalist Elle Reynolds pairing pensive melodies and primal screams that rip the ears like a swooping eagle. Flood describes the sound as “furious, lurching mathcore.”

The balance of unorthodox musicality and pure intensity, on full display across Living Without’s nine tracks, echoes the the works of greats such as The Mars Volta, The Fall of Troy, and Circle Takes the Square. “Remembrance” is a particularly intense track on an album full of intense tracks.

“The lyrics for this song were based off a poem I wrote after learning one of my abusers died in a drunk driving accident,” states Reynolds. “It was such a weird, guilty, bittersweet feeling of relief that I didn’t want to be feeling, because who the hell wants to feel remotely good about someone dying in that way, right? The song ends up touching on the complicated feelings I have around most of the people who hurt me, and how trauma informs your relationship to so many things in life.”

The newest addition to Silent Pendulum Records’ stellar roster of progressive/aggressive artists, Endless, Nameless is at home amongst labelmates such as The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and Sleepsculptor.





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