Sarneghera? - Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1 CD

Sarneghera? – Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1 CD

Sarneghera? - Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1 CD

Underground music changes its direction in many ways. It’s inevitable, considering that creative, innovative, brilliant new bands are popping up on the music scene every day. Of course, these innovative bands are gradually becoming tastemakers alongside labels, promoters, media, and other forces in the music industry. A neat release recently arrived at our headquarters, and I must admit the visual identity has sparked my interest to listen to it immediately. Because of a strict schedule, I had to wait a couple of days, so today is the day to write something about Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1, a debut extended play release by Sarneghera?. It’s a new name on the scene, but these guys already sound like pros. I assume the band consists of experienced musicians who played in similar bands before because this EP sound way beyond those debuts you stumble upon on streaming services.

Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1 carries four complex compositions that defy categorization into a singular music genre. Perhaps the term post-everything comes to mind first, but this material demands a detailed examination. Of course, Sarneghera almost dominantly levitates towards post-hardcore, but their music showcases some other sonic ingredients that are vividly hearable during the entire material. You’ll stumble upon some of the finest properties of hardcore, math-core, math-rock, post-rock, screamo, emo, alternative, and indie. It’s nearly mindblowing how this band combines the progressiveness and virtuosity of post-hardcore, math-core, and math rock with the fundamentals of late nineties screamo, emo, and indie. The remainder of the music genres I mentioned above come somewhere in between, and they serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other building blocks that shape these numbers.

Sarneghera? invested nothing but outstanding ideas and exceptional musicianship into this EP. You’ll hear how the mindblowing drumming defines the groove, dynamic, and pace of each composition thought cleverly assembled rhythmic sequences. These rhythmic structures carry many tempo changes presented through ultimately progressive beats, empowered by every percussive acrobatic you could imagine. The bass guitar supports these maneuvers by delivering warm-sounding basslines that unquestionably provide mass and even more complexity to the rhythm section. However, it seems like an insanely good guitar performance leads the way with all those progressive themes, melodies, chord progressions, riffs, and other crazy virtuosities. Compared to the progressive output of the entire band, I was a bit surprised at how harmonious, calm, and balanced the lead vocalist is, and his performance comes like a perfect contrast to what’s happening in the remainder of the group. Sarneghera? bursts with sheer creativity and experience. Therefore, I highly advise you to check out their debut EP. Dr​.​Vanderlei: Tales From The Lake Vol. ​1 is available on all streaming platforms.





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