Mirrored Fatality - ECOCIDE 3URTH CS - Cherub Dream Records

Mirrored Fatality – ECOCIDE 3URTH CS (Cherub Dream Records)

Mirrored Fatality - ECOCIDE 3URTH CS - Cherub Dream Records

A new release from our friends at Cherub Dream Records arrived at our headquarters, and I must admit it’s unique. For those unfamiliar with Cherub Dream, this prolific San Francisco-based record label mainly focuses on LGBT and POC artists/bands. So far, everything I heard from their catalog sounds divine, and you should also check out their roster if you’re into indie, alternative, grunge, synth, or avant-garde music. The release I would talk about today falls under the experimental/avant-garde tree, but it comes with a twist. As someone who performed experimental and harsh noise for almost a decade, even I found this ECOCIDE 3URTH by Mirrored Fatality as a one-of-a-kind listening experience. I am pretty sure some readers wouldn’t not like this cassette release. After all, it’s not created to appeal to everyone, and those profoundly into avant-garde music will know how to appreciate this EP.

Mirrored Reality carries grime, dark, esoteric, obscure, abstract visual, and sonic aesthetics. The cassette’s visual identity and accompanying tarot card and fanzine indicate we’re dealing with artists/musicians who’re profoundly into esoteric aesthetics. Their imagery goes perfectly with these four compositions, which are unique by all possible means. Soundwise, you’ll stumble upon many experimental and avant-garde music genres during the entire release. Mirrored Fatality relies upon several complementary genres at once, so prepare yourself for harsh noise, experimental noise, industrial, electronic music, hyper pop, indie, ambient, drone, and many more. They handle all these sonic elements pretty well, but I must admit this music would not fit those who are profoundly into a particular genre. Somehow they blended everything together into a harmonious cacophony, and you will have many difficulties pinpointing a singular music genre because each segment of every song explores multiple sonic ingredients at once.

Industrial noise would be the best categorization for ECOCIDE 3URTH, because there are many similarities with that particular genre. The remaining styles I mentioned above are vividly hearable, but still, industrial noise is continuously present in the mix. You will also hear how darkwave, coldwave, and synth-wave inspired Mirrored Reality while composing this material because there many segments where these genres are extremely dominant. The best tip I can give to you is to check out ECOCIDE 3URTH because you’ll listen to a unique release that defies all musical definitions. Head to Cherub Dream Records for more information about ordering the cassette.






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