SIVA - Reset

SIVA – Reset

SIVA - Reset

Argentinian alternative rock trio SIVA released four singles and one EP since their inception in 2019. They keep their activities prolific as much as possible, and it is not a big surprise considering this trio is led by Kari Mana, an experienced musician active on the alternative rock scene for almost three decades. For this particular band, she invited Julio “Mono” Moreno (bass) and Cristian Guida Bria (drums), and together they represent the core of this music project. Reset is their latest piece of sonic artistry that explores the fundamentals of contemporary alternative rock but with a slight take on the good old days when this genre was enormously popular. You will also stumble upon some of the finest properties of melodic punk rock, power pop, and indie, but these elements serve as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, and other decorations that define brilliant alternative compositions.

Photo by Brenda Bustos

Reset comes with a comprehensive collection of perfect vocal harmonies, singalongs, catchy melodies, chord progressions, riffs, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic sequences. Each instrument plays a significant role in shaping the ear-appealing, soothing, but energetic ambiance of this track. SIVA resonates with so much power but also provides a healthy dosage of more than necessary calmness that balances everything and puts this composition among those perfect, addictive, hypnotic alternative rock songs. Even though SIVA is a relatively new band, you can hear how decades of experience shine through their exceptional musicianship. Reset is unquestionably one of those songs you need to check out to comprehend the brilliance of the band. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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