Renmin Ribao – Who Controls? CS (Home Mort Records)

Renmin Ribao is an interesting Polish post-punk trio emanating from Poznań. The group derived its name from a Chinese communist newspaper called People’s Daily, but it’s more of an homage to visual aesthetics than a political statement of the involved musicians. Renmin Ribao started a couple of months before this situation with pandemics, quarantine, and… Read More Renmin Ribao – Who Controls? CS (Home Mort Records)

Spectres – Nostalgia LP (Artoffact Records)

Spectres are a deathrock band from Vancouver, British Columbia that’s been formed in 2004 by lead vocalist and founder Brian Gustavson. The band has been pretty much active since its formation. They’ve recorded dozen of quality singles such as Cold War 7”, Visions Of A New World 7” and a split record with Arctic Flowers.… Read More Spectres – Nostalgia LP (Artoffact Records)