OWLS – End Me CD EP (Blowtorch Records)

Here’s the latest release from the batch sent by our friends at Blowtorch Records. Like the previous two records, this one shines bright in its uniqueness, and it will unquestionably indulge your listening apparatus if you’re into electronic music. OWLS is an Irish producer inspired by many music genres. Perhaps electronic music dominates on this… Read More OWLS – End Me CD EP (Blowtorch Records)

Billy Howerdel Release Video For Ani

Billy Howerdel, the A Perfect Circle songwriter/multi-instrumentalist whose recently released album, What Normal Was (Alchemy Recordings/BMG) is a nod to the music Howerdel was influenced by, post-punk and new wave, has released a Mynxii White (Korn, Andy Black, Tinashe) directed video for the song “Ani” (LINK). The four-plus minute film utilizes low-key lighting, giving the dramatic story line an eerie wash of… Read More Billy Howerdel Release Video For Ani

Crying Vessel – Before Life Was Death CD (Cleopatra Records)

Here’s another excellent release that recently arrived at our headquarters. For those into music genres such as post-punk, goth rock, and cold wave, Crying Vessel aren’t strangers at all. After three outstanding full-length albums like Everything Becomes Nothing, A Beautiful Curse, Pleasures For The Wicked, and plenty of singles and EPs, Crying Vessel return with… Read More Crying Vessel – Before Life Was Death CD (Cleopatra Records)

Kontrolle – Zwei LP (Holy Goat Records / Cargo Records)

Today, I would like to introduce another great band that caught my attention a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with their sound before, but luckily, Jürgen of Rookie Records sent me their latest material for review. Kontrolle is a premium German post-punk trio that not only explores the depths of this genre but also goes… Read More Kontrolle – Zwei LP (Holy Goat Records / Cargo Records)

NKOS – From Dust To Life CS (Beatbuzz Records)

One of the special treats on the menu today is a highly anticipated debut material by a promising electronic group. Their music spans over several diverse but complementary genres that keep this outstanding material entertaining from scratch to finish. NKOS are a brand new name on an underground music scene with just several singles in… Read More NKOS – From Dust To Life CS (Beatbuzz Records)

And The Bear – This Is The Darkness I Used To Tape CD (Valvolare Records)

And The Bear is quite an interesting musical outlet, entirely operated by Alexandre Manuel, a French multi-instrumental artist who has been active on the music scene since 1998. Since his beginnings, Alexandre participated as a musician in several groups, such as Hourplug, Am I Right, and The Quiet Collective, mainly by being a vocalist or… Read More And The Bear – This Is The Darkness I Used To Tape CD (Valvolare Records)

Renmin Ribao – Who Controls? CS (Home Mort Records)

Renmin Ribao is an interesting Polish post-punk trio emanating from Poznań. The group derived its name from a Chinese communist newspaper called People’s Daily, but it’s more of an homage to visual aesthetics than a political statement of the involved musicians. Renmin Ribao started a couple of months before this situation with pandemics, quarantine, and… Read More Renmin Ribao – Who Controls? CS (Home Mort Records)

Spectres – Nostalgia LP (Artoffact Records)

Spectres are a deathrock band from Vancouver, British Columbia that’s been formed in 2004 by lead vocalist and founder Brian Gustavson. The band has been pretty much active since its formation. They’ve recorded dozen of quality singles such as Cold War 7”, Visions Of A New World 7” and a split record with Arctic Flowers.… Read More Spectres – Nostalgia LP (Artoffact Records)