Glass Bridges - Revive

Glass Bridges – Revive

Glass Bridges - Revive

London-based quartet Glass Bridges is one of those exceptional new bands you need to hear if you’re looking for some heavy alternative rock music. These creative musicians have what it takes to become a renowned name in the contemporary scene, and Revive is rock-solid proof of my statement. Maybe this is their debut single, but Glass Bridges strike hard with impressive ideas and excellent musicianship without leaving any room to breathe. Perhaps they almost solely rely upon the fundamentals of contemporary alternative rock but Revive showcases some of the finest properties of many complementary music genres. Therefore, you’ll unquestionably hear some sonic ingredients borrowed from post-hardcore, emo, indie, and hard rock. And don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements along the way.

Glass Bridges
Photo by Pearl Cook

Revive is a love song that bursts with outstanding vocal harmonies and impressive orchestrations. The verses shine bright with arpeggiated chord progressions while the pre-choruses and choruses emit well-articulated, heavily distorted riffs. Of course, this song wouldn’t sound this powerful and dynamic without equally complex low-end tones and energetic rhythmic sequences. Perhaps this is their debut, but every band member demonstrates enormous musical experience through top-notch performance. Glass Bridges thoroughly planned each segment of the song, so Revive resonates with mindblowing details, complexity, jaw-dropping ideas, and musicianship. You have to listen to this track to comprehend its brilliance. Revive is available on all streaming platforms.





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