9 o'Clock Nasty - Rise Up

9 o’Clock Nasty – Rise Up

9 o'Clock Nasty - Rise Up

Leicester-based trio 9 o’Clock Nasty is probably one of the best well-hidden indie rock gems. These prolific musicians somehow managed to release a mindblowing number of singles, one extended play release, and even a full-length album in less than two years. Their tireless working ethic could serve as an example to many indie bands out there, and the best part about everything is that each piece of their work sounds divine. Take their latest single as an example. Rise Up is a minimalistic indie rock composition that carries delicate ear-appealing harmonies and singalongs, catchy chord progressions, and uplifting rhythmic sequences. It’s a calm, cheerful, beautiful ballad about resistance. A song that protests against forcefully imposed modern social norms, conformism, and capitalist society.

9 o'Clock Nasty

Rise Up may seem like a simplistic song, but don’t let the minimalistic approach of this band fool you. These guys know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. This particular track bursts with sheer quality from beginning to end, and you’ll notice it too if you pay close attention how 9 o’Clock Nasty assembled this song. The band invested many layers of instrumentations into this song, and each layer is profoundly calm, pleasant, and easy to listen to. However, it is also detailed, complex, flawlessly performed, and demands your utmost attention while listening. You need to hear it to believe it, and I am positively sure you’ll include this track on your indie playlist. Rise Up is available on all streaming platforms. Give it a listen, and you won’t be disappointed.





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