Tired Of Fighting - Hollow

Tired Of Fighting – Hollow

Tired Of Fighting - Hollow

After a few excellent introductory singles like Tired Of Fighting, Night Dwellers, and Chocolate, Newcastle-based band trio Tired Of Fighting returns with another outstanding composition that will unquestionably appeal to your ears. For those who might not know, Tired Of Fighting nurture such a unique sound based upon fundamentals of contemporary emo and alternative rock music, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other complementary music genres along the way. These highly creative musicians also included some of the finest properties of indie and pop punk. They incorporated some of these elements in Hollow as well, but emo/alternative remains their primary/dominant sonic direction.

Tired Of Fighting
Photo by Reanne McArthur Photography

Hollow is a thoughtfully assembled composition that carries many sonic delicacies along the way. You’ll immediately notice a sincere, confident, divine vocal performance that guides the listener through this ear-appealing voyage from scratch to finish. The song comes with a longevous overture built upon the vocal harmonies and tremendous acoustic guitar performance. However, those soothing chord progressions gradually transform into heavy, powerful, and energetic riffs in the middle of the song and keep at that pace till the end. Hollow wouldn’t sound so profoundly dynamic without a precise rhythm section built upon complex basslines and moderate rhythmic sequences. Each instrument plays a significant role in shaping the cathartic ambiance, and I adore how Tired Of Fighting thought about every segment while constructing this composition. Still, the chorus will probably leave you speechless the most because it’s enormously melodic, harmonious, and catchy. There’s no doubt this number will end up on your alternative/indie/emo playlist because it carries all the vital elements of all these genres. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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