Tim Freitag – Brick By Brick

Tim Freitag - Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick is one of the latest singles by Tim Freitag, a Swiss indie band based in Zurich. I wasn’t familiar with this band before, but I was pleasantly surprised by how they promoted this single. It’s the first time in my career as a music journalist that I stumbled upon something like this. After all, have you ever seen a cover artwork printed on a bunch of assorted LEGO blocks and then packed in a PVC bag? Neither do I, but this creative move sparks the interest in checking out their music almost instantly. If that was their intention, then they ultimately nailed it.

After sorting out the cover artwork, I expected a noise rock and post-rock track. For some unexplainable reason, I thought this creative move would be something that sort of a band would do, but I completely missed the genre with this one. Tim Freitag is entirely up to indie rock sound, decorated with impressive indie pop sonic maneuvers. Brick By Brick is pretty much a perfect example of how a contemporary indie band should sound nowadays. The band housed dynamic beats, catchy synth melodies, powerful basslines, and clean-sounding guitars into a cheerful indie composition suitable for any mood, moment, or situation. It’s a danceable song empowered with a perfect vocal performance that flawlessly suits the ambiance. You’ll need to check out this track ASAP if you’re into indie music because there are chances you’ll place Brick By Brick on the top of your playlist. The single is available on all streaming services.

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