Desolat - Elegance Is An Attitude…To Shit On LP - Bloodshed666 Records / Santa Diabla

Desolat – Elegance Is An Attitude…To Shit On LP (Bloodshed666 Records / Santa Diabla)

Desolat - Elegance Is An Attitude…To Shit On LP - Bloodshed666 Records / Santa Diabla

After two outstanding extended play releases, such as Shareholder Of Shit and Songs of Love In The Age Of Anarchy, Austrian sludge/hardcore/crust group Desolat returns with a proper demonstration of power. Elegance Is An Attitude…To Shit On is their debut full-length album due for release on December 9th via Bloodshed666 Records and Santa Diabla Records. For those who might not know, Desolat started in 2018 from the ashes of the stoner/sludge/metal group Cyruss, but then the pandemic happened and subdued their activities to a minimum. However, the band rehearsed and recorded the mentioned EPs during the pandemic, and after reviewing both of those recordings, I had high hopes for this debut full-length as well.

Elegance Is An Attitude…To Shit On carries nine new compositions performed in the vein of their previous recordings. Still, this material sounds even better than anything they recorded before. At least, that was my impression after thoroughly listening to this vinyl for almost the entire week. For those unfamiliar with the band, Desolat perhaps relies upon fundamentals of stoner and sludge metal, but many other music genres lurk in the mix. You’ll notice the heavy presence of doom metal, hardcore, Swedish death metal, black metal, crust, and anarcho-punk. Their music comes as a more than necessary slap in the face that will unleash all the anger you kept for the entire week. This aggressive, extreme, downtempo sound is suitable for headbanging activities, and it’s nearly impossible to remain static while listening to this material. As soon as the first track commences, you’ll notice these folks are not joking around with their music.

I adore how Desolat assembled these tracks to perfection. Each number comes with a comprehensive collection of cleverly arranged riffs drenched into generous servings of fuzz distortion. However, the crunch doesn’t overwhelm the ambiance, so you’ll hear other instruments along the way. Stoner and sludge bands usually make mistakes when they turn all the distortion pedal knobs to the max, so the signal overflows the vocals and rhythm section. Nevertheless, Desolat moderately used heavy amounts of distortion or somehow learned to control it, so you’ll hear every riff and tone delivered on guitars. You’ll also notice how these musicians incorporated some impressive old-school Swedish death metal riffs with some classic stoner, sludge, and hardcore sonic maneuvers. These experimentations with genres come in handy in the situations like these, so each number bursts with impressive ideas.

Even the bass guitar includes some distortion, but the amounts depend on the current aesthetics of the song. The most significant fact about it is that these basslines are vividly hearable in the mix and work to the advantage of this release as equally as other involved instruments. Nothing would sound so powerful without an entire amalgam of various rhythmic sequences, breakdowns, accentuations, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The lead vocals range from classic hardcore shoutouts to more black/death screams and semi-growls. This singing technic suits these orchestrations well, and I can’t imagine any other singing style that would fit better than this. Desolat invested a tremendous effort into this material, and there’s no doubt this material will appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re looking for some flawlessly performed underground music. The vinyl drops on December 9th, so head to Bloodshed666 Records or Santa Diabla for more information about ordering.





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