Everything But The Everything feat. Sophia Prise – Never Said

Everything But The Everything feat. Sophia Prise - Never Said

After a double single A & B Sides Vol. 1, Everything But The Everything returns with another outstanding composition featuring singer/songwriter/producer Sophia Prise. Never Said is a second single by Everything But The Everything this year that serves as a perfect follow-up to the previous works. However, it is not the first time Israel Chavarin collaborated with Sophia Prise. Quite the contrary, it is their third collab, and judging by the press release, we can expect more in the future. Of course, Everything But The Everything solely relies on the eighties ambiance based upon the finest properties of post-punk, goth rock, dark wave, new wave, and other similar genres. It’s a style that works like a charm for Everything But The Everything, and I can’t think of any other artist who does this style better than Israel.

Everything But The Everything and Sophia Prise

Never Said carries a pleasant post-punk/goth rock ambiance achieved by generously distorted guitars drenched into a healthy dosage of the reverb effect. The bass guitar also plays a significant role mainly because it supports these chord progressions with more than necessary low-end tones. Still, it simultaneously articulates with powerful drumming performance and gives more energy to the entire rhythm section. Sophia’s vocal harmonies perfectly suit these orchestrations, and this song immediately indicates these artists collaborated before. Never Said bursts with sheer experience and musicianship delivered by both Israel and Sophia, so you’ll enjoy this composition from scratch to finish. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.

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