Spermbirds Celebrate 40th Anniversary With A Live Show

It’s probably impossible to tell how many people have seen this band around the world since they formed in 1983. Or how many people call this band the “soundtrack of their youth” or have lost their voice to songs like “Americans Are Cool”, “Only A Phase” or “Knifethrower”. But one thing is clear: this band is one of the most influential hardcore punk bands in Europe. What would punk rock be without an album like “Something To Prove”? What song would skaters around the world have defined as their anthem if “My God Rides A Skateboard” had never existed?

And after thousands of concerts, countless tours through Europe and guest performances in Australia and South Africa, this band still hasn’t had enough after 40 years. Before work on the new album 2023 enters the final phase, Spermbirds celebrate their 40th anniversary in Kaiserslautern with a very special concert. We can look forward to a tribute set list with all the hits, some surprises and a guaranteed good atmosphere at the home game of this extraordinary band.

So, on April 30th. Celebrate the 1st of May in the Kammgarn Kaiserslautern with Spermbirds and guests! We still got something to prove!

Reservix: https://kammgarn.reservix.de/p/reservix/event/2014534
Hard tickets (Rookie Shop): https://www.ghvc-shop.de/40-jahre-spermbirds-tickets_3331/
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/816727002931158/





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