Oliver Mavilio – Distant Sound

Oliver Mavilio - Distant Sound

We have something special on our pages today that will unquestionably appeal to listeners looking for a much deeper meaning while listening to music. Norwich-based artist Oliver Mavilio unleashed a debut single called Distant Sound today. It’s a profoundly detailed composition that spans many complementary music genres, so don’t be surprised if you don’t grasp all the elements in just one listening. Distant Sound demands your utmost attention, and while it possesses so many details, it also provides a calm, soothing, nearly cathartic listening experience. Oliver Mavilio invested so much effort into his debut song, and you’ll undoubtedly hear the sheer amount of ideas and exceptional musicianship incorporated into it.

Oliver Mavilio

Distant Sound embraces music genres such as Americana, country, and folk rock. However, you’ll also notice some similarities with indie, goth rock, and post-punk. It may seem like too many genres involved to some readers, but trust me, Oliver Mavilio thoroughly planned everything. You’ll be blown away by his superb vocal abilities, skillfully assembled chord progressions, semi-distorted riffs, perfect piano accentuations, marching rhythmic sequences, and reverby ambiance. Distant Sound forces you to think about the things that matter in life, so if that was Mavilio’s intention, he unquestionably nailed it. It’s a deeply emotive, melancholic, sincere song worth checking out even if you’re not into the beforementioned genres because it carries exceptionally written, poetic, detailed lyrics conveyed by Mavilio’s confident vocal performance. Distant Sound is available for listening to on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this one.

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