Jembrela – S/T CD

Jembrela - S/T CD

After hearing a relatively new single by the Croatian alternative rock group Jembrela, I was intrigued to hear more. I think we all need some rock music from time to time, and Jembrela came when I needed it the most. So, I exchanged a couple of emails with the guys, and they sent me their self-titled debut, released in 2020. It’s not their only recording. Quite the contrary, Jembrela published a couple more singles since then, such as Mali Ftič, Lollipop, and Buzz, plus they’re currently working on new material. More than enough reasons to check these guys and their music out, so head to their Bandcamp pages and give it a listen.

So, I will be talking about their debut today. This particular material carries ten excellent compositions worth listening to repeatedly for weeks or even months. Seriously, these tunes are so good you’ll be surprised how they’re not at the top of regional indie charts. Still, this album comes with a twist because Jembrela is not just another typical alternative rock band. They solely rely upon instrumental tracks, so if you’re searching for music with vocal parts, maybe this material wouldn’t be up your alley. However, if you need some instrumental alternative rock music to cheer you up, brighten up your mood, or simply serve as a soundtrack for the day, Jembrela’s debut will be a perfect choice for you.

Perhaps Jembrela almost dominantly relies upon the fundamentals of alternative rock, but that’s not the only genre you’ll stumble upon on this ear-appealing sonic journey. You’ll also notice some of the finest properties borrowed from other complementary music genres such as indie rock, noise rock, grunge, and post-rock. Still, don’t be surprised if you catch some other elements roaming around because these tunes are full of surprises. The entire band sounds top-notch from scratch to finish, and their tracks burst with mindblowing creativity, ideas, and musicianship. The profoundly detailed chord progressions perfectly pair with equally complex basslines, while the exceptional rhythmic performance sets the pace and provides more than enough dynamics to each composition. They undoubtedly spent a lot of time assembling these tracks, and you’ll notice how much quality each one carries along the way.

Jembrela’s debut full-length comes as a digipak CD release empowered by a modern, artsy, eye-peeling cover artwork. Therefore, this album will indulge you both sonically and visually. The album is still available, so head to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.

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