Attic Theory – Narrow Lines

Attic Theory - Narrow Lines

After singles such as Saints Among Us, My Design, Your Light, Tattooed Heart, and an extended play release called The Sign Of An Active Mind, Liverpool-based alternative rock Attic Theory return with another exceptional composition. Narrow Lines follows the steps of their previous works. However, it also carries many innovations, such as cleverly assembled riffs, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, and other qualities that define only the best alternative rock songs. Still, Narrow Lines isn’t just another alternative rock composition you stumble upon on streaming services and social media. Quite the contrary, this particular song carries some of the finest properties borrowed from old-school grunge, grunge revival, indie rock, soft rock, and other similar, complementary music genres.

Attic Theory
Photo courtesy of Attic Theory

Still, Attic Theory dominantly relies upon contemporary alternative rock sound, while the other elements serve as enhancements and decorations along the way. Narrow Lines carries an ear-appealing ambiance led by sincere, emotive, confident vocal performance, which defines the direction song in many ways. You’ll also adore how guitars continuously duel for dominance by delivering powerful riffs on the one side and cathartic leads on the other. Of course, nothing would sound so dynamic without detailed warm-sounding basslines and skillful drumming performance. The entire band bursts with sheer experience, and each segment of Narrow Lines indicates Attic Theory thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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