Dun Field Three – We Came From The Ocean Where Everyone Swallows The Words 12″ EP (Noise Appeal Records)

Dun Field Three - We Came From The Ocean Where Everyone Swallows The Words 12" EP - Noise Appeal Records

Noise Appeal Records are unstoppable this year. This prolific Austrian record label publishes at least one release per month, and so far, everything I heard sounds good. Those familiar with publishing probably know it’s hard to maintain quality and quantity together, and Noise Appeal are good at it. They’re one of the best record labels in the game, pushing the Austrian scene to the max. The release I will be talking about today is not an exception either. I was familiar with this release a couple of months ago, but I kept it quiet until the release date. Dun Field Three is an Austrian indie trio with one self-titled full-length album in the back catalog. Today, I will talk about We Came From The Ocean Where Everyone Swallows The Words, their latest EP release.

We Came From The Ocean Where Everyone Swallows The Words carries four excellent compositions that differ in style, ambiance, and dynamics. It’s a diverse material where you don’t know what’s coming up next, so expect the unexpected. Perhaps rock comes to mind first, but Dun Field Three explore several complementary music genres to achieve the desired sound. Sometimes they focus on a singular genre, and sometimes they simultaneously explore several genres at once. It’s an unpredictable sonic journey that will tickle all your senses. When I said rock, I meant all kinds of rock music. You’ll notice how these guys combine experimental rock, art rock, post-rock, noise rock, psychedelic rock, and krautrock into a colossal slab of harmonious noise. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest properties of alternative, grunge, indie, and post-punk along the way. There are even some resemblances with avant-garde music, but those are just enhancements, accentuations, and decorations thrown into the mix.

Some readers might say this is too many genres housed into just four numbers, but Dun Field Three thoroughly combined everything. Each ingredient serves its purpose, and these skillful musicians planned each segment to the tiniest details. Each composition has a perfect song structure where arrangements play a significant part in shaping the ambiance for the entire release. These tracks differ, but somehow Dun Field Three combined them with a thick layer of progressive, experimental, and avant-garde sonic maneuvers. All three members play a significant role in shaping this ambiance. Therefore, if you’re into wisely created chord progressions, melodies, and experimentations bound with a vividly hearable warm-sounding bassline, synths, and robust rhythmic sequences, We Came From The Ocean Where Everyone Swallows The Words will be right up your alley. This EP comes on yellow vinyl housed in a standard record sleeve, and it’s decorated with an eye-peeling illustration of a character stranded on a stormy sea. The packaging is equally beautiful as the music on it. Head to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering.

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