The Slackers – New York Berlin / Tell Them No 12″ EP (Pirates Press Records)

The Slackers - New York Berlin / Tell Them No 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

It’s been a while since we had reggae, ska, or dub music on our pages, so this particular release came just in time. The Slackers are finally getting the recognition they deserve, thanks to Pirate Press Records. Since their signing to this prolific record label, The Slackers released singles like Peculiar, Nobody’s Listening, Blue, Sleep Outside, Windowland, The Love I Bring / My Cat Is On Prozac (with Sic & Mad and Papa B), and an exceptional full-length Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya. Of course, not to forget the recordings on other record labels because all their releases are equally good. The record I will talk about today is not an exception either.

Once again, The Slackers did what they do best. New York Berlin / Tell Them No carries everything you dearly love about this band. Both compositions showcase the exceptional musicianship of each involved member, and if ska music is something you love with all your heart, this double single will be right up your alley. However, The Slackers explore this particular genre in their manner. Besides ska, you’ll hear some of the finest properties of rocksteady, reggae, dub, and soul, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other genres along the way. The way the brass section intervenes with progressive piano segments or chopped-up chords harmoniously work with warm-sounding basslines is nearly mindblowing. Of course, everything sounds even more complex with profoundly detailed rhythmic sequences and additional percussive elements. These two numbers may seem simplistic to some inexperienced ears, but that’s not the case. Quite the contrary, those knee-deep into ska and reggae music will immediately notice these are not yet another tracks you stumble upon every day.

Someone would call this release a picture disc, but New York Berlin / Tell Them No is UV-printed on one side, while the other looks like a regular vinyl record. It also comes with a full-color sheet that includes the same imagery as the UV-printed side of the vinyl. You will also find the band photo, tracklist, necessary information about this EP, band, and label on the back. Pirates Press did 1000 copies on red vinyl and 500 on black, so act fast if you want to grab a copy.

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