Lore City – Participation Mystique LP (Lore City Music)

Lore City - Participation Mystique LP - Lore City Music

A few days ago, you had a chance to read a review about Alchemical Task, the third album of Lore City. This Portland-based duo never ceases to amaze with their version of post-rock music, and they’re continuously pushing the boundaries of this genre even further. After writing about Alchemical Task LP and Under Way 7″, it seemed logical to me to listen and write something about Participation Mystique, their fourth full-length album that came out right between those two releases. Like their previous recordings, this one came out under Lore City Music etiquette, or should I say, in the spirit of DIY.

If you somehow missed my previous reviews and posts about this band, Lore City unquestionably deserves your utmost attention if you’re profoundly into post-rock music. However, there’s a catch. Lore City isn’t just another contemporary post-rock band you stumble upon on the web daily. Quite the contrary, this duo explores so many music genres that are sometimes difficult to grasp after just one listening. You’ll notice generous servings of ambient, drone, psychedelic rock, goth rock, post-punk, darkwave, downtempo, shoegaze, and dream pop. Still, many other properties borrowed from other music genres lurk in the mix, so don’t be surprised if you catch some of them along the way. Lore City produces immensely complex music that easily applies to your listening apparatus, and bands with this creative capacity are a pure rarity nowadays.

If you close your eyes while listening to Participation Mystique, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a seance, ritual, or rite. It’s because some segments of their compositions may seem like the perfect sonic background for that type of activity. However, there are also numbers where you’ll find yourself in the middle of endless fields covered in mist while the dark, rainy clouds are touching the mountains on the horizon. You’ll easily imagine those sceneries while listening to Lore City’s music because their ideas and musicianship force you to think while listening to these divine compositions. You’ll be blown away by the flawlessly performed vocal parts, ambient and drone segments, piano melodies, and percussive elements. Lore City implemented even the tiniest details into these tracks for more than a good reason. Also, you’ll be surprised by the sheer amount of arrangements, accentuations, enhancements, and decorations invested into this release. Participation Mystique is a fine piece of sonic artistry, stacked with many outstanding ideas and impressive sonic maneuvers. Head to Lore City’s Bandcamp page for more information about ordering this post-rock gem.

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