Boston Manor – Datura (SharpTone Records)

Boston Manor - Datura - SharpTone Records

After outstanding albums such as Be Nothing, Welcome To The Neighborhood, and Glue, extended play releases such as Here/Now, Driftwood, Saudade, England’s Dreaming, and Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures, and many singles in between, Boston Manor return with another excellent full-length called Datura. In less than ten years, Boston Manor managed to put out many exceptional recordings, and you would probably have a hard time picking the best one if you’re profoundly into emo, pop-punk, or melodic punk rock sound. So far, their discography doesn’t have weak moments, and they’re probably one of the best contemporary pop-punk bands. Like it or not, that’s a fact.

Still, it seems that Datura delivers many innovations in sound. Yes, they’re still into pop-punk, but their compositions sound more complex than ever before. This particular album carries seven numbers that combine everything you dearly love about underground music. Some readers might say this is more of an EP than an LP, but I will leave that debate to them. Datura embraces several complementary music genres as emo pop-punk, melodic punk rock, post-hardcore, and indie. Perhaps you’ll notice innovations in their sound or, should I say, decorations, accentuations, and enhancements borrowed from much more commercial music genres. It may sound a bit too much to some listeners, but I find these additions as a wise move to expand a fanbase.

Boston Manor thoroughly planned each song. You’ll notice how each of these numbers has a perfect structure decorated by clever arrangements that unquestionably uplift every segment on an entirely new level. The essence of their sound is still there, but everything sounds more detailed and complex, and you will hear how they matured as musicians if you compare Datura with their earlier recordings. Datura also carries a couple of nearly ambient, experimental tracks, where the synth leads and sequencers intervene with emo, indie, and post-hardcore aesthetics. These compositions are probably the best examples of Boston Manor’s experience and brilliance. Datura will unquestionably appeal to old fans of the band, but it will also gather so many newbies curious about contemporary pop-punk sound. The album is available via SharpTone Records. Head to their web store and purchase this gem.

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