Svetlanas – Disco Sucks LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Svetlanas - Disco Sucks LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

At first, I thought I posted a review of this vinyl record on our pages some time ago, but I was wrong. Perhaps I stumbled upon this cover artwork on the web, and it remained imprinted in my memory, so I assumed we covered this release before. Whatever may be the case, it’s not important now because the vinyl recently arrived at our headquarters thanks to Demons Run Amok Entertainment, and it’s time for another review. Demons Run Amok pressed Disco Sucks by Svetlanas on blue and pink vinyl in 2020, and what I am holding here now is a 2022 repress. After searching for some information on the web, I realized how little I know about Svetlanas. According to the short description, Svetlanas are a trash punk band consisting of band members from Italy and Russia, but they are far away from being trash. Quite the contrary, this band has so many things to offer, even to the pickiest fans of this particular music genre.

For those stumbling upon this interesting music release for the first time, Disco Sucks contains ten energetic punk rock compositions. Of course, punk rock is the simplistic term in this case, and Svetlanas offer so much more through their detailed tracks. Perhaps the blend of classic punk rock, eighties hardcore punk, streetpunk, and rock’n’roll comes to mind first, but that’s just a subjective perspective, and you may find some other sonic ingredients along the way. Maybe some listeners will find Olga’s singing abilities a little bit annoying, but after all, Disco Sucks is a punk rock album, and it’s something you might expect. A healthy amount of natural vocal cord distortion in her voice adds a thick layer of aggression over a profoundly energetic sonic background. I must admit these riffs are tight! The guitars burst with powerful chord progressions, riffs, and solos throughout the entire album, and there are no weak moments included at all. Of course, nothing would sound so powerful without equally good basslines and energetic drumming performance. The entire band operates as a singular living organism, so this album will be right up your alley if you’re into punk rock music with an attitude.

This repress delivers the same packaging and inlay as the first press. The first press lacked a lyric sheet, and I saw some people complaining about it on the web, but I don’t see that as much of a minus. After all, if you are into their music, you will move mountains (if necessary) to find all the information, lyrics, or anything else about the band. The only thing that differs is the vinyl itself. This time, they decided to go with a red-marbled variant that’s a bit transparent. It looks so good and perfectly suits the remainder of the packaging. Therefore, head to Demons Run Amok Entertainment and order this punk rock gem.

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