East Point – Banyan Tree

East Point - Banyan Tree

Australian indie duo East Point has recently released Banyan Tree, a brand new single that will undoubtedly indulge listening apparatuses of those looking for some energetic music. It’s their third track from the series of singles launched this year and the perfect continuation of their previous works. For those stumbling upon this outstanding band for the first time, East Point nurture such a distinctive sound based upon several complementary music genres. Perhaps indie rock comes to mind first, but some other ingredients lurk from scratch to finish. Therefore, you’ll notice some elements of post-hardcore, grunge, and alternative rock, but don’t be surprised if you detect other genres along the way.

East Point

East Point cleverly assembled the entire composition, so Banyan Tree has a complex structure consisting of calmy verses, uplifting pre-choruses, and heavy, catchy choruses. The guitars continuously burst with a thick layer of raw, abrasive, fuzzy distortion, but these riffs become even more colossal during the chorus. Nothing would sound so massive without warm-sounding basslines, which are vividly hearable in the mix. A profoundly dynamic drumming performance is solely responsible for keeping the remainder of the band in line by delivering energetic rhythmic structures, accentuations, and fills. The skillful lead vocalist shapes the intense atmosphere with semi-clean singing parts that gradually transit into aggressive shouts as the song progresses. Banyan Tree is one of those songs you unquestionably need to hear. The single is available on all streaming services. Don’t miss it!

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