Cosmo Blue – Take Hold Of The Night

Cosmo Blue - Take Hold Of The Night

Australian indie duo Cosmo Blue has recently released a brand new composition called Take Hold Of The Night. This particular track serves as an appropriate continuation to Wild Stallion, their critically acclaimed debut single released earlier this year. Cosmo Blue are known for their progressive approach to indie music, but this number goes beyond comprehension in many ways. Each involved member bursts with sheer experience, and if progressive music is something you dearly love, then Take Hold Of The Night will be right up your alley. The band fully stacked this composition with mindblowing virtuosities that will immediately knock your socks off.

Cosmo Blue

Perhaps Cosmo Blue solely rely upon indie rock ambiance but Take Hold Of The Night carries many surprises along the way. You’ll notice other ingredients borrowed from genres such as math rock, progressive rock, classic eighties rock, and alternative rock. Maybe math and progressive rock shine the brightest in the mix. The band stacked Take Hold Of The Night with technically demanding chord progressions, complex riffs, various licks, and other virtuosities. However, that’s not all. The rhythm section showcases the same amount of mind-boggling orchestrations through equally complex basslines and exceptional drumming performance based upon profoundly dynamic rhythmic structures, accentuations, and hectic drum fills. This track will easily end up on your playlist if you’re looking out for a math rock-infused indie rock songs with a touch of eighties included in the ambiance. Take Hold Of The Night is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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