Attendant – A.I.T.A.

Attendant - A.I.T.A.

After excellent Unreality EP and a series of singles such as Bootlicker, Don’t Bite, Doomscroller, Half Life, Roll On May, and Blockade, London-based grunge punk group Attendant returns with another fine piece of sonic artistry. The band used an already proven formula on A.I.T.A., tested on their previous compositions, but you’ll also notice many innovations incorporated into this powerful song. Attendant solely relies upon thoughtfully arranged guitar maneuvers, equally catchy basslines, profoundly dynamic rhythmic structures, harmonious singalongs, and clean lead vocals. Each involved member showcases sheer experience on his musical instrument, so A.I.T.A. sounds superb from scratch to finish. If three words could describe the quality of this track, power, harmony, and brilliance would be perfect picks.

Photo by Lena Lenman

Perhaps Attendant solely relies upon genres like grunge and punk rock, but many other sonic ingredients are involved as well. You’ll stumble upon some of the best properties of post-hardcore, indie rock, and alternative, and don’t be surprised if you discover other genres along the way. Attendant thoroughly planned the entire composition, so it could fit your listening apparatus even if you’re not into this particular music genre. The perfect balance between heavy, abrasive, fuzzy, but not overly distorted riffs and soothing, melodic, harmonious, cathartic ambiance will satisfy even the pickiest listeners looking out for quality underground music. A.I.T.A. is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.

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