Tessa Lee

Premiere: Tessa Lee Shares Video For Could It Be?

Tessa Lee
Photos by Bree Sanders

Today we have the privilege to premiere a video for Could It Be, a brand new single by Tasmanian jazz/indie artist Tessa Lee.

Could It Be showcases her tremendous creativity and musicianship distilled into a meaningful, soothing, ear-appealing indie composition where the calming melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and rhythmic segments collide with her divine voice. Tessa embraces only the best properties of jazz, indie rock, indie pop, alternative, and classic pop. Therefore, this song provides more than enough listening pleasure to satisfy even the pickiest listeners of the aforementioned genres.

The song carries a relaxing verse that easily transits into a more powerful, catchy, hypnotic chorus. There is also a thick layer of cathartic ambiance lurking around that contributes to the listening experience. Lee’s crystal clear voice will guide you through the vast sonic universe built upon outstanding orchestrations performed by experienced musicians from The Cold Weather Band, who did tremendous work on this song. It’s unquestionably one of those numbers that will keep you motivated during the hectic working week and prepare you for a relaxing weekend.

Tessa Lee
Photo by Ursula Woods

“The track arrived fully formed, without much stress on my behalf in the writing process. I was driving through town in my new van, and you know when you wave at a friend, and they don’t recognize you because you’re in a new car? So that image went in… And on this particular day, there were literally hundreds of road works, and I got this mad idea that maybe road workers are secretly in love with digging big holes, akin to the urban myth that firefighters are secretly pyromaniacs. So that went in. But those are just the images floating on the surface of this song, and underneath there’s something going on which is never fully stated, the way a painter leaves the interpretation of the work up to the audience. The protagonist has a secret, and every listener will project their own ideas of what that is onto the meaning of the song.”

Recorded with The Cold Weather Band, the video was shot on location on the Huon River in southern Tasmania. Working with videographer Bree Sanders and film-maker Ursula Woods, the video showcases the band’s day in the studio coupled with moody river shots and a dark wonderland of surrounding bush which is both eery and inviting.

Tessa Lee is a jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist who has developed a rare melodic style and freedom in her song writing. She is situated at the intersection where folk, blues, jazz and pop meet, Venn diagram style. Tessa has an energetic and engaging stage presence, and performs both solo, as a duo and with The Cold Weather Band (Ian Howard – drums, Fintan McCullough – guitar and Isaac Gee – basses).

Following the outstanding response to Lee’s 2021 single release ‘Warm Orange Glow,’ comes ‘Could It Be?’ (for release September 16th). This track deviates from Lee’s jazz influences and enters rockier territory, aided in the studio by The Cold Weather Band. Recorded at Rolling on The River Studios, with Jethro Pickett in the producer’s chair, ‘Could It Be?’ is a muted, yearning slow burn which sneaks into hearts, oozing soulful vibes.

With her second album scheduled for release in April 2023, Tessa Lee will be appearing at Junction Arts Festival (Launceston, TAS) in September 2022 and Verandah Music Festival (Evandale, TAS,) in November 2022.






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