Paul Vinson - Final Show

Paul Vinson – Final Show

Paul Vinson - Final Show
Photo by Kyle Neach

By now, we all learned Paul Vinson is a prolific, creative, busy artist who never failed to indulge our listening apparatuses with pleasant pieces of sonic artistry. From Good God Get Me Out Of Here EP to singles such as Last Summer, Open Your Eyes, Forest Fires, Drama Queen, and Keep Up, Paul Vinson managed to maintain sheer quality and expand the sonic arsenal even more. That’s the case with Final Show as well. It’s the latest single by this profoundly talented indie artist who unquestionably knows how to assemble soothing, calmy, ear-appealing songs. Final Show comes as a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming weekend, but don’t be surprised if this outstanding composition ends up on your indie playlist and remains there for a very long time.

Paul Vinson
Photo by Kyle Neach

If you searched for a perfect combination of indie rock, indie pop, and alternative, Final Show might be something you’ve been looking for. It has all the qualities of the best love songs, ballads, indie, and soft rock anthems. Paul Vinson undoubtedly nailed in incorporating all these qualities through soothing arpeggiated chord progressions, semi-distorted riffs, heavy basslines, dynamic drumming sequences, and confident vocal performance. Each one of these instruments is significantly responsible for shaping a cathartic ambiance that lurks around from scratch to finish. Final Show is one of those numbers that will undoubtedly suit your listening apparatus no matter which music genre you prefer. Paul Vinson knows how to convey emotions showcased in the lyrics, and artists with those abilities are a pure rarity nowadays. You can listen to this outstanding song on all streaming platforms.






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