Sadface – The Future Is Swinging!

Sadface - The Future Is Swinging!

After a critically acclaimed extended play release named A Tree Grew Through Me, London-based post-punk quartet Sadface returns with another outstanding piece of sonic artistry. The Future Is Swinging is an appropriate continuation of the beforementioned EP release, where the band explored the sonic possibilities of several complementary music genres. A brand new single is not an exception either, mainly because Sadface continuously levitate between post-punk and post-hardcore. The song carries only the best properties of both genres, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some art-punk, anarcho-punk, classic punk rock, or hardcore because some defining elements of these genres are thrown into the mix.


The Future Is Swinging carries that chaotic, abrasive, raw, fuzzy, dirty, heavily distorted sound, delivered through thoughtfully arranged riffs, chord progressions, and other sonic maneuvers. The layer of fuzziness adds a bit more aggression to the song, but the main dynamics come from vividly hearable low-end tones and excellent drumming performance. Sadface perfectly structured the entire composition, and all the segments offer some impressive maneuvers that will force you to repeat The Future Is Swinging again. The lead vocalist wisely implemented shouts and more frantic screams into this number, so his performance unquestionably contribute to the aggressive ambiance. The Future Is Swinging will apply to your listening apparatus no matter if you’re looking out for more eighties post-punk or much modern post-hardcore. This song possesses something for everyone. The Future Is Swinging is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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