Hyde Park – Deceiver

Hyde Park - Deceiver

UK alternative rock quartet Hyde Away has released a brand new single today. Deceiver is the sixth composition from the series of singles launched in 2022 and the second track this year. This particular number serves as a proper continuation of their previous works, but it also carries some vividly hearable innovations along the way. These experienced musicians are known for their polished, powerful, ear-appealing sound that continuously levitates between alternative and indie rock. Some of these qualities remained on the Deceiver, but this track unquestionably carries some properties of other complementary genres, like hard rock, rock’n’roll, and power pop.

Hyde Park

Deceiver also sounds much heavier, dirtier, and more powerful compared to the remainder of their impressive discography. It seems like Hyde Park aimed for more grungier, garage rock, or nineties rock sound, but they undoubtedly kept a lot of qualities of contemporary music. It’s a clever combination of raw, abrasive, fuzzy, heavily distorted riffs, slightly mellower chord progressions, cleverly assembled basslines, profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences, and harmonious vocal parts that will immediately knock your socks off. Those thick layers of rock’n’roll aesthetics and power pop ambiance are coming like a cherry on the top, and these two qualities make Deceiver even more pleasant. With all this being said, Hyde Park nailed this track by all means. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this one!

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