NEØV – Captured Images

NEØV - Captured Images

Finnish grunge duo NEØV has treated the broader auditorium with a brand new composition. For those who might not know, NEØV are experienced musicians who burst with sheer quality since thei inception, so that’s the case with Captured Images as well. It’s their first single this year coming right after the critically acclaimed Picture Of A Good Life LP. Considering the quality of this number, NEØV were very busy assembling what would become their latest piece of sonic artistry. The duo solely relies upon relaxing, soothing, cathartic ambiances produced through wisely constructed chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, and moderate rhythmic segments. Still, things become much fuzzier once abrasive, raw, heavily distorted riffs start kicking in during the choruses.

NEØV unquestionably aimed for the cathartic ambiance enhanced by the decent amount of grungier parts, in which they ultimately succeeded. Nevertheless, the duo somehow retained that cathartic atmosphere throughout the composition without spoiling the primary sonic direction with those heavier segments. For those who’re knee-deep into music production, it seems like a very difficult task to obtain, but NEØV nailed this number from scratch to finish. It’s a bold move during which many contemporaries failed before, but not these experienced musicians. If you searched for a cleverly assembled track stacked with only the quality properties of indie, alternative, grunge, and shoegaze, Captured Images by NEØV might be the perfect pick for you. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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