Dendrons – 5-3-8 LP (Innovative Leisure)

Dendrons - 5-3-8 LP - Innovative Leisure

The latest release from Innovative Leisure arrived a couple of days ago, and I thought it would be more than adequate to write something down on a release date. I have to admit I awaited this release with anticipation since I’ve heard Double Ending, Wait In Line, Tangle, New Outlook II, and Vain Repeating, the introductory singles that both Dendrons and the record label used to promote 5-3-8 LP. I can’t recall if any band sparked my interest like this after over 25 years of continuous listening to this genre. There’s something about their ideas, musicianship, and how they wrote, composed, recorded, and produced these songs that kept my listening apparatus entertained since I discovered this band.

First of all, Dendrons successfully nailed that widely recognizable eighties post-punk ambiance. I am unsure if mimicking that particular atmosphere was their sole intention, but this music genre demands things like this so the songs would shine even brighter in the limelight. I think that the sound engineer/producer did an excellent job highlighting the qualities of this band. And believe me, there are many qualities that Dendrons will offer you once you decide to listen to 5-3-8 LP. From outstanding sonic maneuvers and rhythmic sequences to powerful vocal performance, Dendrons nailed this album from scratch to finish. Both guitar players offer a mindblowing specter of arpeggiated, odd, and regular chord progressions that define the high-end of this album. Of course, this won’t be a post-punk album without a thick layer of noisy acrobatics, and these musicians also thought about that detail. Those noises, scratches, and other oddities are not overwhelming the melodic aspect of this material, and these musicians moderately implemented each accentuation in these songs.

Nothing would sound so massive, heavy, or complex without the wisely assembled basslines that unquestionably define the low-end side of the album. I adore how the bass guitar is almost equally hearable in the mix, so if you’re looking for an album where you can vividly hear every low-end tone delivered by an experienced bass player, then 5-3-8 is more than a perfect choice for you. The drummer offers a mindboggling performance built upon profoundly delicate rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, and progressive drum fills. His performance handles the direction of the entire band, but it is also responsible for the tremendous dynamics of each composition. Like the remainder of the group, the lead vocalist plays a significant part by leading the way through each number with detailed lyricism. Perhaps Dendrons are solely into post-punk, art-punk, and indie rock, but it’s more than clear these are experienced musicians who’re also into a lot of progressive and experimental music. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some complex improvisations where the band transits from plain post-punk to nearly progressive rock. 5-3-8 is one of those records full of various delicacies you need to hear to comprehend. Head to Innovative Leisure and purchase this gem on vinyl via their web store.

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