Heksebrann – Transcendence EP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Heksebrann - Transcendence EP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Here’s a brand new release from always prolific Demons Run Amok Entertainment. It’s the third release by Heksebrann, a heavy rock trio from Saxony. Previously, the group released a debut EP called The Hunt and a full-length named Spiritual Descending. It is my first time listening to their music, and I have to admit I am positively surprised by their sound. I mentioned heavy rock before, but their compositions reveal a much broader specter of complementary music genres. You’ll notice only the quality properties of hard rock, stoner rock, rock’n’roll, heavy metal, black metal, hardcore, and punk rock within these four numbers.

Transcendence EP brings only the best things out of a rich heavy rock heritage, so expect nothing but powerful, energetic, colossal riffs, cleverly assembled arpeggiated chord progressions, epic themes, progressive rock solos, massive basslines, and excellent drumming performance. At some points, you’ll probably notice how Heksebrann resembles something that would renowned bands such as Kvelertak, High On Fire, Baroness, Fu Manchu, Sleep, Motorhead, and The Sword probably record during their careers, and you won’t be far from the truth. Heksebrann draws inspiration from those bands, and there’s no doubt about it. But their music doesn’t sound repetitious, bland, or boring. Quite the contrary, Transcendence EP comes as a breath of fresh air, mainly because this band delivers diversity by blending all those beforementioned genres.

I dig how these experienced musicians arranged every composition included on Transcendence EP. Each number has a perfect song structure decorated with many cleverly accentuated segments. Every segment delivers many sonic delicacies that unquestionably appeal to the listening apparatus no matter which subgenre of extreme music you prefer. The carefully picked ratio between rock, metal, punk, and all other subgenres stacked in between will undoubtedly satisfy all your cravings. There are only three musicians involved, but this band sounds and appears like they’re at least a quintet or sextet. Heskebrann’s songs sound the best in slower or mid-tempo because those massive riffs, low-end tones, and rhythmic sequences resonate with more power compared to the much faster moments. Still, you won’t be disappointed by those faster parts either because they’re equally good. Transcendence EP has so many other qualities that will be such a shame not to discover by yourself. Therefore, head to Demons Run Amok Entertainment’s web store and purchase vinyl or digital version.

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